We always strive to give our customers the best possible quality and customer service experience. We have convenient drive-thru at all store locations, 1-Hour Professional Dry Cleaning until 2pm Monday – Saturday, Same Day Laundered Shirt Service Monday-Saturday at no additional charge. Our customers are our biggest asset and the HOUR GLASS team understands and practices this philosophy every day!

Who We Are
By choosing Hour Glass Cleaners you have demonstrated your preference for unrivaled expertise. We thank you for the confidence you have placed in us. To give you an introduction to Hour Glass Cleaners indisputable quality and service, it is our pleasure to have you visit our website and any of our store locations.

Drive by Hour Glass Cleaners at one of our three dry cleaning locations serving Chanhassen, Excelsior and St. Cloud, MN for the best quality dry cleaning, same-day laundered shirt, and alteration services.

Top 10 Reasons To Dry Clean Your Clothes:

10. Sending Your Garments To A Dry Cleaners Saves You Time!

Who’s Got The Time These Days To Hand Wash Each Individual Garment, Hang It To Dry, Hope It Didn’t Shrink, Pill, Or Change Texture And Then Hand Iron It?

9. Dry Cleaning And Pressing Give Your Clothes Life And Body!

The Entire Package Or Dry Cleaning, Pressing And Packaging Helps To Give Your Item The Best Look! For Higher Quality Clothes Always Look For A Dry Cleaner That Has A Superior, High Quality Service So That Your Fragile, Designer And Favorite Items Are Returned To You Looking Better Than Ever!

8. After Dry Cleaning Comes The Expert Pressing, Steaming And Finishing!

Dry Cleaners Have Special Pressing Machines For Different Fabrics, I.E. Silk, Cotton, Wool, Etc. There Are Also Different Machines For Different Garments, I.E. Shirts, Pants, Sweaters, Etc. Pressing Is Truly An Art Form And Takes A Lot Of Patience And Experience To Press A Garment Correctly.

7. Dry Cleaning Garments In Cycles Of Low Agitation Can Prevent Pilling.

Pilling Are Fibers From The Garment That Form Into Little Balls At Points Where There Are High Agitation, I.E. Underarms, Seat Area, Between Legs, Etc. If You Have Any Pilling, Expert Dry Cleaners Can Also Attempt To Remove The Pilling Without Damaging Your Clothes.

6. By Dry Cleaning Soiled Garments Regularly, You Can Prevent Them From Yellowing Or Oxidizing In The Areas They Were Soiled.

Honestly, Why Would You Risk Ruining Your Clothes With Over-The-Counter “All Purpose” Stain Removal Products Or Trying “Home Remedies” If The Stain Can Most Likely Be Removed Very Easily By Going To A Professional Dry Cleaner?

5. Dry Cleaning Allows The Garment To Retain Its Luminosity And Brightness.

A Professional And Expert Dry Cleaner Can Also Try To Salvage A Piece That Has Grown Very Dull And Faded And Give It A Youthful Vibrancy Again. (Key Word Here Is “Professional And Expert”-Not All Dry Cleaners Know How To Do This Well-Not To Fear! Hour Glass Cleaners Is Here!)

4. Dry Cleaning Prevents Your Clothes From Shrinking.

Natural Fibers, I.E. Silk And Wool, Respond Exceptionally Well To Dry Cleaning. If These Fibers Are Cleaned In A Conventional Manner At Home, There Is A Very High Chance Of Shrinkage, Texture Change, And Perhaps Dullness Of Color. Shrinkage Occurs When A Garment Undergoes High Mechanical Action After Being Washed In Water And Then Dried For An Extended Period Of Time.

3. Dry Cleaning Removes Grease Stains, Among Other Stains, Visible And Invisible To The Eye. The Dry Side Cleaning To Garment Care Can Dissolve Grease And Oil Stains That Water Just Cannot.

2. Dry Cleaning Prolongs The Wear Life Of Your Clothes!

By Caring For Your Garments Through Professional Expertise And Technology, You Will Be Able To Wear Your Clothes Much Longer Than If You Were To Attempt To Clean Or Refresh Your Clothes At Home.

1. Keeping You Looking Great!

Dressing In Professional Dry Cleaned Clothing (Business Suits, Shirts, Blouses Or Casual Shorts And Polo Shirts) Makes You Feel Better And Look Better!

If You Think About It Dry Cleaning Will Actually Save You Time, Money And Frustration Trying To Do All Of The Work Yourself Using “Home Cleaning Remedies.” You Will Be Saving And Extending The Life Of Your Clothes, You Will Save On Buying “At Home Remedies” That May Not Work, And You Will Save The Time It Would Have Taken You To Clean Your Clothing Yourself. Let’s Face It, Your Time Is Just Way More Valuable. You Should Bring All Of Your Clothes (Pants, Shirts, Sweaters, Jackets…) To A Professional Dry Cleaner!



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125 7th Avenue South Street
St. Cloud, MN 56301


426 Lake Street
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Sat 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM
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